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Bullets of Light


Bullets of Light

Bullets of Light...
by Patrice D. Edwards
ISBN 0-9763800-2-1
Retail $6.99 • 80 pages • Trade



Patrice Edwards' Bullets of Light is a living and vibrant perspective where wisdom and femininity are seen in holistic Light. First, it explores and illuminates the feminine attributes of God so as to become an encouragement for women to be their real selves. All women, by birth, have God-given attributes that are essential for the next step in humanity’s development. Each individual woman has a role to play. By developing and expressing her true inner _self and by giving of the gifts God has placed within her, each woman fulfills her destiny and adds to the collective fulfillment and purpose for which God created woman.

Second, Bullets of Light teaches principles of Spiritual journeying that will help women to grow in faith and understanding of the companionship of the Holy Spirit, as well as to embrace their role as agents of change by extending Love into all areas of creation.


Patrice D. Edwards, CS, is a licensed Christian ecumenical minister who is devoted to universal spiritual understanding. Patrice heads a spiritual counseling practice in western Washington and serves as life-coach, healer, and spiritual midwife. Through her teaching and coaching, she inspires people to embrace God’s feminine dimension. Her work activates individual breakthroughs, stimulates personal healing and growth, and re-kindles sacred balance and wholeness in all God’s people. Patrice brings a blend of ancient wisdom and spiritual maturity to her work with individuals and groups. She has three children and lives near Seattle.


"Bullets of Light reads like a personal letter….
It can carry you toward the personal truth that you are precious and powerful before God and that it is this God who inspires you toward wholeness and success."

—Evelyn Wemhoff
Program Coordinator, WomanSpirit Center
Issaquah, Washington

"This book penetrates one’s soul at a core level...using words to pierce our psyche and take us into a deeper experience of who we truly are. Every passage serves as a bullet of light that illumines one's path to peace. Congratulations to the author, Minister Patrice Edwards, who uniquely demonstrates the Bible’s Great Commission by sharing eternal truths and strategies learned over a lifetime."

—First Lady Susan Thomas
Church of All Faiths, Oakland, CA

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