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Cultural Diversity ...

Marsha Blessing

Visit Celebrate the world website.Cultural diversity is a driving force in America today. A multitude of cultures are not only present making their new home in our country, but the ease of the internet and other worldwide communication brings travel and learning experiences to us in a moment’s time. Education can only improve acceptance of all cultures.

This year, we are pleased to present National Dress and Costume as the focus for our second series of international calendar themes. We discovered that people from every culture in the world reveal something about themselves through the clothing that they wear.

Each month in this calendar we will transport you to a different location on the globe and introduce you to unique, diverse, beautiful, and functional pieces of art worn by people in that culture! Enjoy and absorb these photos and their captions…learn and be educated to their function and purpose. Every month also features the month translated into ten different languages, and represents over 190 nations in civic and religious holidays and festivals. Celebrate the World!

Businesses can benefit their employees with the Celebrate the World Calendar and Poster to indicate important dates in a culture where interaction is prevalent. Learn more about branding our products.

Educators will find the Celebrate the World Calendar and Poster to effectively prepare students as future leaders in worldwide commerce, government and religion. It sets the tone for acceptance and inclusion of all cultures within the classroom.

Diversity must be introduced and addressed effectively.
The world we live in is more connected to each other than ever before in history.


Visit Celebrate the world website.

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