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Discover the Author Within You...

Marsha Blessing
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An author is waiting to be born!!! Is it YOU? It can be!

It’s a fact that many budding authors have the ideas…but, don’t know where to begin.  What is Publishing…how do I get my book in print....
how long does it take…how do I find an editor, an illustrator, a printer?

How do I successfully BECOME an author?

After years of being asked these questions, and after helping hundreds of authors successfully publish their books, Marsha Blessing has developed a presentation that she gives to groups of people who aspire to the prestige of being an author, who are interested in the publishing process…or, who just like to read and wonder how that book got into their hands!

Discover the Author Within You” delves into the world of publishing, the aspects that only an insider knows. Marsha will share that world with your group or organization.

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