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Marsha Blessing, President and CEO of Orison Publishers, Inc., had dedicated over 20 years to the publishing business…learning it from top to bottom. The result is unparalleled quality in all of her work…and a unique final product that is both effective and visually attractive for clients.

Orison Publishers, Inc. publishes Women-CONNECT magazine, Celebrate the World International Calendar, as well as produces special supplements like the A Place in History and the Black Business Directory. New authors and established authors are also published through Orison Publishers, Inc.

Marsha started learning the publishing business in her first job after graduating from college…within one year, she was the department head.

“As soon as I started my first job out of college, I knew this was going to be my lifelong career, “ says Marsha. “You meet so many exciting people and there are so many possibilities in publishing, so many twists and turns, so many decisions to make until the final product is complete.” Marsha explains that she was eager to learn every aspect of publishing in her first publishing jobs, an asset to her own business today. “I learned the entire process, and still enjoy learning. I keep up with new developments and trends!”


Marsh Talking. 

  Marsha Blessing

Marsha continues her expertise in book publishing, magazine publishing, special supplements and directories as well as an international diversity calendar and poster. She has recently developed a package for new authors called, Discover the Author Within You”. “People are looking for an outlet to tell their story. It might be a personal experience, an historical adventure, a novel, a children’s book, whatever it is, there are many people who want to become authors, but they don’t know where to begin. That is why I developed these packages, for potential authors to dive in and live their dream, actually become an author, “ she says. She has also developed a presentation with the same name on that topic that she gives in speaking engagements.

Marsha was recognized for her “work ethic” in the acceptance speech by the first woman judge elected in Cumberland County, PA, Christylee Peck. Marsha served as her campaign manager.

In addition to being President and CEO of Orison Publishers, Inc., Marsha serves on the Harrisburg Regional Chamber Diversity Committee and the International Committee. She is Publisher of Women-CONNECT magazine and the International Celebrate the World Calendar and Poster, which has received the Skipping Stones Award.


Before starting her own business, Marsha’s past accomplishments include Production Manager at Primedia Publishing and Production Manager at Destiny Image Publishers. “If it needed to get done, then I was the one to do it,” Marsha says with a smile. Her duties covered a wide range of subjects in every aspect of publishing. “I learned by being hands-on in every aspect of the publishing world.”

Marsha gives back to the community through her volunteer services: Counselor and Bible Teacher at Yolijwa, (Newville, PA); Children’s Church

Leader, Children’s District Choir Leader, and co-Director of the Worship Team; Coach of the Mechanicsburg Wildcat Midget Cheerleaders; Sponsorship Chair of the Wildcat Soccer Club, and mentor to many young women starting out in business. 

Marsha is married to Dave and has three children, Paige, Megan and David. They reside in Mechanicsburg, PA.


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