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Pledge to Purity: The Potter’s Plan


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Pledge to Purity: The Potter’s Plan
byTamalyn (Heinbaugh) Heim
ISBN 978-0-9827944-1-8 
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Pledge to Purity: The Potter’s Plan
A Parent/Teen Interactive Guide
Make YOUR memories count! What YOU do today matters!
Wrong Decisions = Regrets
Smart Decisions = Satisfaction
What do YOU want to remember?
In no other area of life can memories be harder to shake than in sexuality. One small choice in the heat of the moment can change your life. You want to be smart…you want to be prepared. You want to know why you are doing what you are doing.

This parent/teen—or mentor/teen—interactive guide can get you to that point. Believe it or not, but your parents or adult mentors have faced these issues themselves and can help you. Use this guide and find out why to choose purity. Learn some strategies for coping with the sexual culture around you. Decide forever which way you will choose to live your life: God’s plan or society’s way.

Did you know?

  • Taking Abstinence Pledge NO Longer Makes a Difference
  • Making Vows of Marriage Still Results in 50% Divorce Rate


  • Premarital Education/Counseling Reduces Divorce by 30%
  • Pre-abstinence Pledge Education Reduces Premarital Sexual Activity

The teenage journey can be a very exciting, yet intimidating, time of life! Our corrupt world offers many challenging choices regarding our purity. This parent/teen interactive guide is designed to open up and maintain close communication between you and your teen. It also will provide the biblical education and discussion opportunities for choosing purity.

“Parenting teenagers is hard. Pledge to Purity captures this truth well in the easy-to-relate-to, and often entertaining, anecdotes that Tami and her husband, Bob, have experienced together in raising their four children. Pledge to Purity challenges the notion that parents can’t keep healthy open lines of communication with their teenagers.…it creates engaging discussion opportunities for Christian parents and their teenage sons and daughters particularly in the area of living pure lives, and sets the stage for a purity ceremony, affirming abstinence until marriage.”

H. Douglas Buckwalter, Ph.D.
Professor of New Testament
Evangelical Theological Seminary

“Pledge to Purity motivates young people to live differently from the world and to separate themselves from sin and live for God.”

Elmer L. Towns
Co Founder, Liberty University
Lynchburg, Virginia



About the Author
Tamalyn “Tami” Jo (Heinbaugh) Heim has been married thirty-four years to her high school sweetheart, Bob. She is “Mom” to four adult children, including three of the children’s spouses, and “Oma” to four grandchildren. With a BA in Psychology, Tami served four years in the Air Force. Receiving her Master of Arts in Religion degree from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, Tami (alongside Bob) has taught marriage and parenting seminars since 1993. Passionate about intimate marriages, Tami and Bob teach about purity at Fellowship of Christian Students meetings and regularly conduct premarital counseling.


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