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Revelation: What Did John See?


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Revelation: What Did John See?
by Isaias Guevara
ISBN 0-9763800-3-X
Retail $41.99 • 96 pages • Full Color HB



Artist Isaias Guevara takes you on a unique and wondrous journey as he gives life and depth
to the Revelation of John through more than one hundred seventy color illustrations.
Imagine your_self side by side with the last living Apostle on the Isle of Patmos as his
famous vision unfolds. Hear the thunderous voice of the Lion of Judah. See the glory that
encircles the Throne of the Father. Taste the bitter scroll that the angel bids John to eat.
Guevara’s artwork will stir your senses to experience the unfolding of the mysteries
of the end-times.

Revelation: What Did John See? A Visual Journey takes you verse by verse, chapter by
chapter through the entire vision of John. Experience the awesome presence of the Lion;
know the intimacy of the Lamb like you’ve never imagined. This work is far more than
just another treatise on the Revelation. It is a prophetic showpiece on a historic manuscript
that will pierce you through the gateway of your soul—your eyes.


Early in his life, Isaias Guevara, the artist and creator of this book, was inspired by his
father’s teaching from the Book of Revelation to learn more about God’s view of the end-times.
It is his desire that the reader experience the promised blessing of reading
Revelation by understanding and enjoying it through the medium of art.


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