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Marsha Blessing

Marsha is extremely knowledgeable and inventive in her field of publishing. Her integrity and caliber of work is outstanding on all levels. I truly enjoy working with her and appreciate her business acumen.”
Pat Gadsden, Editor, Women-CONNECT Magazine


Marsha Blessing has an admirable blend of right brain and left brain skills. She excels at creative problem solving and cognitive thinking. She choreographs her team to keep everyone task driven and focused. Working with Marsha is a pleasure
and we can be assured that the final product will rise above the rest - superlative in
all aspects.”
Mikell Worley, Managing Editor, Women-CONNECT Magazine




 “Belvoir Media Group has been working with Orison Publishers, Inc for over 5 years. Over that period, we have received exceptional service and consider Marsha more of a business partner than a vendor. When we have had short-term projects, Marsha has been able to jump in, organize the activity and provide the same high quality service. We constantly evaluate vendors and expect a high standard of performance. I’m please to say that Marsha’s company has met and exceeded every challenge we have given them, and highly recommend Orison Publishers, Inc.”
Phil Penny, COO, Belvoir Media Group, LLC


 “Marsha is a consummate professional. Her attention to detail and thorough understanding of the publishing process has been an asset to Belvoir Media for
years. Her work is consistently on time, on target, and done very well. I highly recommend Marsha's work, and her company!”
Lisa Castonguay Evans, Circulation Director. Belvoir Media Group, LLC


“I had the pleasure of working with Marsha for several years when she was Production Manager for Destiny Image Publishers. Her attention to detail was excellent, her delightful personality created a great working environment for all those that worked with her and her ability to manage the production department at Destiny Image was just fabulous. We were sad to see her go but knew that she would succeed wherever she went. “
Don Milam VP, Acquisitions, Author Development,Destiny Image Publishers









"I have worked with Marsha Blessing, President of Orison Publishing for over 5 years and have found her to be one of the most knowledgeable and professional person that I have worked with in the last 25 years. Since Orison Publishing has taken over our production needs, we have received more positive comments pertaining to the look of our magazine from our readers and advertisers than in any other time in our 20 year history."
Chuck Preston, Sr. Advertising Manager, KITPLANES magazine

   "The staff of Orison Publishers are detail oriented, conscientious, proactive, team players. We are pleased that they our part of our team."
Cindy Pedersen, Publisher, KITPLANES magazine

"The addition of Orison Publishers to handle the production needs of our magazine has greatly eased the demands on the editorial staff. Their attention to detail, problem-solving capability and interface with vendors and advertisers makes the monthly cycle run smoothly."
Brian E. Clark, Former Editor, KITPLANES magazine



  "Orison Publishers highly organized but flexible work style, combined with her sense of personal responsibility for getting the job done, made them a secret weapon in our magazine's effort to meet its deadlines."
Jim Kushlan, Publisher, AMERICA IN WORLD WAR II magazine


    "As group publisher of PRIMEDIA's History Group, I highly recommend the publishing services performed by Marsha Blessing. Over the years, Marsha has demonstrated
a thorough knowledge of the production cycle
and technical expertise in her dealings with graphic, prepress and printing personnel. She understands and delivers upon the expectations of both publishers and advertisers in terms of producing a high-quality product and meeting tight deadlines. I'm sure that those who work with her in the future will have a similar experience."
Joe Lyons, Group Publisher, PRIMEDIA





Bow Hunter Magazine.

"Given the chance, I’d definitely work with Marsha Blessing again! Over the past five years I’ve had the tremendous pleasure to work with her as Bowhunter’s production manager. She brought a ton of outstanding publishing experience with her when she came to Primedia, and in short time it became clear that she’d be a real resource for us, someone you could count on come crunch-time. As associate publisher/managing editor and publisher of the magazine, I had daily contact with Marsha, and I have to say that first, she’s a great person, and second, she’s a very competent person. She’s a real go-getter, an enthusiastic top performer.

In all my dealings with Marsha, I always knew that she would get me the straight scoop. She’d got me the answers I needed quickly and professionally. No matter how complicated my request, And when problems arose, as they do sometimes when you publish nine issues a year and around 1,000 pages, Marsha always kept her cool and looked for answers. And she was always willing to work with the magazine staff to get things done. That’s one of the reasons that our magazine has improved so much in recent years. Marsha Blessing made us look good. As you can see, I recommend Marsha Blessing highly, and I know that she’ll do an admirable job for your magazine as well."
Jeffrey S. Waring, Publisher, Bowhunter Magazine



  Marsha has been very supportive and active at the Harrisburg Regional Chamber's International Committee. She has been vocal with the discussions, and has sponsored one of our roundtable events. She has volunteered to do research for the committee. She has been a valued asset.”
Bill Krenz, Chairman, International Committee, Harrisburg Regional Chamber; Senior Community Relations Manager, EDS
  Harrisburg Regional Chamber

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